Monday, July 12, 2010

(More!) Indie Donuts: Luke's of Avon

This morning Jackie and Katie forged bravely ahead in their mission to find the best indie donuts in CT and tell the world about them.

Actually, the "world" (i.e. our Facebook friends) told us about Luke's Donuts in Avon, and how they are fantastic, but actually, a little less fantastic than they used to be - back when they were nutty religious fanatical Luke's "Praise the Lord" Donuts. But may we say right off the bat, that they were plenty fantastic.

We opted for a jelly donut, a cinnamon sugar donut and a maple glazed and couple of iced coffees, which ran us about $6. We were impressed with the ten year-old counter help. Is that legal? Who cares? We sat down for some newspaper, gossip and hardcore taste testing. We totally discussed the donuts and compared them to donuts past while we were eating. It's not like we just enjoy eating stuff and then say "Oh, we should blog that up." This is work.

In between bites and palate-cleansing sips of iced coffee, Jackie completed the jumble:

And drew this excellent diagram of her sleeping arrangement with a certain mattress hogging dog:

Luke's donuts stood out for their simple "donut purity" - the flavor and texture (especially the cinnamon & sugar one) was just like carny fried dough (which we love, and so do you). Good New Englanders that we are, we love maple stuff in general. The maple frosted was great, though perhaps a little overwhelmingly sweet. We got the non-powered sugared jelly donut - again with the donut purity - and the dough part was great, but we were not impressed with the jelly, which was just kind of bland and sweet, rather than real-fruity. We are still jonesing to revisit the Apple & Spice. Luke's also serves breakfast and deli sandwiches and pizza, which looked good, but we didn't try.

Our tipsters advise that Luke's makes an exquisite pumpkin donut seasonally. Check that out for sure, but why wait? Donuts are cheap and easy (like us?). Try Luke's today. Or tomorrow. Then swing by our new favorite packie, the Liquor Depot, which is just down the street (we did).

Seasonal Avon, CT pumpkin idea: get pumpkin donuts together with J. Foster's delicious autumn-only pumpkin ice cream.


  1. Wow, you Scenics are ON IT with the donut thing! I'm impressed. And a lil jealous.

  2. i want all the beer in your pics please.

  3. Guys, I want to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much that I totally linked to it from

    Keep up the good work, and save me some donuts!


  4. Good call on the J Foster. <3 them, and everything they make- have you TRIED their blueberry gelato? OMG it's to die for.