Sunday, August 29, 2010

Odd Nights in Hartford

We are not always able to keep regular hours and have not lately been privileged to work M-F, 9-5 hours like we'd like to (really, we will sell out ASAP for that simple life). So we often find ourselves looking for excitement on "odd" nights - like Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday. Many of you probably find yourselves in the same position. We recommend trying lots of positions.

Clearly we've been living under a rock/rocks, because we only just learned about that Sunday night is Gay Night at Up or On the Rocks. Not under the rocks, but some other obscure place, because I think we would have heard all that racket up/on there. Area celebrity bartender Loaf told Katie that it's mostly dudes, but by all means, bring on the lesbians if you've got 'em! This bar is cooler than we think, actually. It has a great setup with a big upstairs balcony (with a great view of some of Hartford's best parking lots and cheesy chain bars) and multiple bars on two floors. It's probably really awesome if you like "clubbing," and they just had a show by Katie's new long-distance boyfriends, Black Taxi, so we don't get to write them off as a schlock rock joint anymore either. Shit, where is the snark?

We've said it once before, but it bears repeating: First Sundays are lesbian night at Tisane (we totally live there). That's next week! But seriously, when is it not a lesbian night there?

We mentioned sophisticated Americana oldsters The Shinolas in a previous post. We enjoyed them one very, very exciting Monday night out downtown. They are still playing Monday nights at the Tapas downtown location. We can't link you to them, because a google search turns up the wrong Shinolas! Fuck. The Tapas website is horrible. Click at your own risk. It's right downtown, where everything else is. And their food is great!

Tuesday nights our latest obsession is trivia at the Half Door. We were bolstered by a first-time victory a couple weeks ago, and basically crushed by our loss this past week. Especially since we were up against another group that wanted to call themselves Human Centipede. And lost to them! Mortifying. Well, we will destroy them next time. Half Door trivia includes a lot of pretty easy questions about music, movies and food - things we know about. And it's an opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate for the winning team (to be drunk at next week's game, of course). We were disappointed on a recent visit to learn that the Half Door serves chintzy poor people ice cream with their desserts, but reckon that if we talk shit about them on the internet, they will probably buy some better product. We suggest delicious local J. Foster's. If you're gonna serve all that fancy beer, you should really pair it with fancy ice cream.

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  1. Sounds like I have found my Tuesday night plan! Trivia seems to be definately be the newest obsession.