Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How'dya like him now?

Waaaayyyyy back in August 2010, this blog endorsed Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary that would determine who would battle to become the next guv'nor of CT. We all know how well that worked out, although we found the several comments from Malloy's blog police somewhat entertaining.

And so it went, back to the daily grind for us at Scenic HQ. And then it started.

To be honest, whoever was unlucky enough to land in the governors seat would not have an easy job, due to chronic mismanagement by the previous occupants Rell and Rowland.

First it was some easily ignored news articles (I think we were hung over). Then facebook posts about how it was a shame the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry was going to be closed (a last minute deal averted the shutdown of the oldest operating ferry in the USA). Once again, after a momentary sigh, I told myself, well, tough times, we can't be so sentimental, stiff upper lip old chap.

Unfortunately as time has gone on, the chorus against Malloy has gotten louder. And not just the right side wingnutz you'd expect to oppose any Democrat. For example, competing (you did vote for us in the Hartford Advocate reader's poll, didn't you) blogger Colin McEnroe wrote this column calling out Malloy on his recent state of the state address (the end of the column points out the hypocrisy in the potential teachers salary negotiations after giving eyebrow rising concessions to state workers).

But what I read a couple of hours ago really takes the cake.

Malloy is ZEROING OUT all arts organization funding (about $11 million) as of July 1!!!! That is right in the middle of the year, in case you didn't notice. Arts organizations, who carefully considered their budgets this year counting on the funds, are now left high and dry (well maybe not so high). The administration claims the organizations can "compete" for funding, although no details on any aspect of this competition can currently be provided.

Strangest part is the announcement of $10 million to be dumped into advertising the state in order to attract more tourists. Which leaves me to wonder what are those tourists going to do when they get here?

More importantly what are the Scenics going to do without a robust arts scene? Sex, drugs and rock n roll gets kinda boring after a time (actually, total lie, it never gets old).

After taking all the above into careful consideration, I have decided to do the only thing I can at this time:

This blog officially endorses Ned Lamont for Governor. If he decides to run again (it wouldn't surprise me if wanted to be done with elected office here).

Per his Facebook page Ned just returned from Egypt and Tunis, and will be giving a talk at CCSU on February 28 in Vance 105. Topics will include the Arab Spring uprisings and the situation in Syria.

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