Friday, February 18, 2011

What's going on TONIGHT!!!!

Hey there scenics, in case the warm weather this Friday has your juices flowing....

The New Britain Museum of American Art (56 Lexington Street, New Britain, CT) is throwing a shindig it's calling MAD Party! - Snowballed!

Aside from the name being a bit close to another event (and what's with that name anyway? Doesn't anyone know what it means?) tonight is notable for the fact that there will be LIVE BANDS!!!! No DJ's like that other art party that happened yesterday. Performances by Mixtape, Ponybird, and If Jesus Had Machine Guns. And it's TONIGHT! 8-11pm

For those who feel the urge to travel, a special show tonight in Northampton Mass at The Elevens: Mitch Easter Band, School for the Dead, Boy Genius, and Ribboncandy.

For thse who may not recognize the name, Mitch Easter is a well known producer who worked with REM, The Hang Ups, Pavement, Suzanne Vega, Game Theory, Marshall Crenshaw, and Velvet Crush. It will be a great night of somewhat guitar-jangly rock.

And in case you missed it, tonight is the Burlesque-A-Pades, February Frolic

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  1. NBMAA costume party was a blast no way could you beat it with a snowball!