Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey Girl, it's your Birthday

Sunday, February 13: Lipgloss Crisis presents "Valentines Day Spectacular Burlesque Show/Birthday Bash" @ Cafe Nine, New Haven

Soulmate-of-the-blog, photog and scene-star Lipgloss Crisis is throwing a major event in honor of her own birthday Sunday, and for Valentine's day by default (or anti-Valentines if you swing that way). We don't believe in love, so we'll be going for the Happy Birthday aspect. Oh, and the sexy (extensively previously blogged about) burlesque gals, hula hoopist, drag queens, music and accessory scenester freakshow we know will turn up. 

Congrats to LC on her recent Advocate publicity (on the cover!), and infinite props to her for arranging some of our favorite nights out in recent months. We've been hotly anticipating this party and can't wait to spend the night sucking up and presenting her with tokens of our boundless affection. We're also excited to see the newly formed Hartford burlesque troupe, the Beat City Beauties (it's true - Hartford is pretty beat). The Facebook event page has a little more wit and clarity than us this morning, so we'll end by borrowing the birthday girl's own wonderful line "bring a date or your bitterness!"

Sheesh, we might need an ass-kissing tag!

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