Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's hot at the Lot: Snackle Mouth

Snackle Mouth granola nut clusters @ The Lot in Bloomfield

Struggling doughnut model Katie Scenic 
looks to broaden her horizons

Even in our prime as a blog, we eventually let our feature "What's hot at the Lot" slide. Not because we weren't making purchases at Ocean State Job Lot anymore, but because our purchases had mostly become so mundane and repetitive (much like our grownup jobs, ugh).  Also the Lot has never thanked us or offered us freebees. But our initial attraction to the Lot was always as much about trying new weird snacks as it was about getting slightly to dramatically good deals on household items.

On a recent visit we were drawn to the garish, slightly frightening packaging for Snackle Mouth, a "granola nut clusters" snack from Colorado whose packaging boasts of small time roots ("developed by 3 guys named John") and wholesome ingredients. The scary box (huh-huh) is reason enough to buy it once. The delicious taste, which is like buttery, sweet granola, with less crunch than a cereal but not as chewy as a cookie, keeps bringing us back. We've much enjoyed the Almond Maple Pecan and Almond Berry varieties.

We love the wacky snackle-man illustration, with his dripping gooey complexion, crazy eyes, nutty lesions and jaunty pot leaf Hitler 'stache. But we do fear this might be off-putting to less perverse consumers. We hope it won't keep you from enhancing your life and your diet.


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