Thursday, May 10, 2012

Got Room?!

Saturday, May 12: The Room @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

WTF?!, right?

Here at CT Scenic we like to go both ways. If we can't see a really good film, we'll just as eagerly embrace a truly terrible one - whether it's Bill Zebub's latest masterpiece (we totally know him) or The Human Centipede (Haha, remember that? How is it possible we don't have a Human Centipede tag? Someone's been asleep at the blog, obvi). And remember how The Human Centipede took forever to get to Hartford? Well, The Room took even longer. Like ten years longer. Exponentially longer! Because it's exponentially better! Or is it worse?

Widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made, The Room has been embraced by the ironic hipster masses in Rocky Horror fashion as a participatory event to relive again and again in the theater (with cat calls, props and costumes encouraged). Here's a helpful guide for newbies. The film has also  inspired many a youtube auteur - much to the fury of the fΓΌhrer:

Come and experience the artless direction, the inexplicable dialogue, the graphic, gratuitous lovemaking, the ill-fitting suits, the quickly forgotten cancer, the betrayal, the possibly retarded neighbor kid, the exquisite panning shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a wealth of other goodies for yourselves.

We'll be there, for our second time. Because second is the best, and because Real Art Ways begged us to post about it and invited us as special guests, and we pretty much just roll over for free stuff and validation from our favorite elite culture venue.

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