Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elmwood Puppets in Paris (in Plantsville)

We here at CT Scenic like to support our local arts community (and arty parties). Its not often that we hear about local filmmakers or puppeteers, so we were very excited about Josh and Todd: A Story Of A Man and His Puppet, which premiered last night at Paris In Plantsville.

On a personal note (aka lets talk about ME for a moment), I worked at a puppet theater during my college years in Boston, and it was easily the most enjoyable job I've ever had. I loved seeing different puppeteers come in every week, and was just as interested in the puppet making process as the performance aspect.

Because of that experience, I have a residual fondness for puppets and was happy to discover that Elmwood Productions are doing some very fun and creative projects with monsters. And, these monsters are the kind that drink, make out, and generally behave badly- characters we can all identify with.

We arrived to the gallery about 10 minutes late, to find that there was standing room only. A seat would have been nice, but it was almost nicer to see local indie filmmakers debuting their work to a packed house. The film was very funny and got many laughs from the audience. Puppet drug use and puppet nudity are pretty much always guaranteed to be hilarious, but the human actors also got their fair share of laughs.

Afterwords, the three filmmakers, and members of the cast, spoke a little bit about the process of making Josh and Todd, which cost just under $1,000 to do. Elmwood Productions made a great little film that obviously a lot of work went into, and we look forward to more of their action. This was also a great reason to get us out to Scenic Plantsville; and by the way, Paris In Plantsville, we're not through with you.

How inspiring! Is anyone interested in funding CT Scenic: The Movie?

Scenic book recommendation: Lloyd Kaufman's Make Your Own Damn Movie: Secrets of a Renegade Director


  1. Hey there!
    Thanks for the article!!! I played Todd the Monster in the flick and co-wrote and co-directed the flick, and I'm glad you came out and sorry about the seat (or lack there of, hahaha)....
    We're going to have an encore screening in March date TBA this week! I'll save a seat for ya!

  2. I said March... I lied! hahaha... Next screening is 4/22 and 4/23!