Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Locker Room Humor

These days I can't resist making my jokes out loud - keeping them to myself would be selfish and wasteful. Now I'm gonna recount them on my blog too, for (I presume) your enjoyment.

Like the other night at the bar, these two really young guys were doing funny hand games with each other, and I saw them setting up for the ol' "hand vagina" - so I was all "OMG are you doing the hand vagina thing?" And they were all "Totally!" And then they totally did it! And I said "Have you ever seen a real vagina?"

And then yesterday at yoga, these college chicks are talking about college stuff in the locker room after class. And one of them is like "OMG have you ever been to Wesleyan? It's unlike any college campus I've ever been to. Everyone there is like a total hipster. And they have this house, it's like a frat but not, or something, the Eclectic House. And every year they have this Sex Party, and they play porn on the wall, and it's basically a big orgy! That would never happen at my college." And I was all "But once you get out of college, that's like every party."


(Boo! Looks like the Sex Party is no more. That's OK, they have a lifetime of sex parties to look forward too. Good thing they are getting fit and limber at Bikram!).

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