Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exploring our options at Ichiban

One evening after a recent Bikram session, DH and I were on the prowl, looking for some hot soup. We never thought we'd see the day, but we were feeling all Pho'd out! DH confessed that he had been experimenting with other soups, but he was willing to share. We headed to Ichiban in Hartford. Ichiban has been one of my favorite spots for a lunch special lately (though my lunch specialing days are mercifully over, thanks to employment) - their BBQ short ribs bento box is off the hook. But I hadn't really explored the Korean side of the menu before.

Kimchee Geegae caught my eye, 'cause Jackie and I had enjoyed some kimchee stuff at York Street Noodle House on our last date. It's a spicy stew with kimchee (cabbage) and pork. But that's just the beginning! There's all this other great stuff in there, like straw mushrooms and some sort of fishball and a grand array of garnish dishes on the side (like pickled octopus - with pickles!), and it's served in a metal catering type dish over real live fire. This is all really impressive, but we don't recommend impressing a date with this meal, at least not a first date. Go for something less gassy. Sorry to get you all aroused and then bring you down with that gross little piece of reality, but we like to think of this blog as a public service and would be remiss if we didn't warn you. Fortunately the Scenics have all been unseemly around each other for years...

DH was so hungry after having don two Bikram sessions that particular day, he was in the clean plate club. I really enjoyed my first time, but it was so big I had to bring half home, which was subsequently yoinked by Mommy Scenic, who also dug it. Reliving that dinner via that post got me all droolie. I will require a revisit. SOON.

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