Thursday, July 7, 2011

Compete For Our Affections Friday

Friday, June 8
Rhythm and Juke Blues Jumpup II @ Vegas Blvd

All four Scenics gave unanimous and enthusiastic approval for Part I back in April, and are looking forward to Brownbird Rudy Relic, Daddy Longlegs, Diablo Dimes and Orb Mellon's encore performance at our favorite Hartford hipster dive. Hartford has a lot of love for Rudy Relic's steel guitar performances, complete with physical stunts such as leaping through the air, rolling on the ground, dancing on his chair, and jumping right over people's heads while playin' the blues (and can do this without accidentally teabagging anyone, like the stripper from last Friday's outing).

Live Band Karaoke @ Coach's Bar and Grill

We're thrilled that our friends Bandwith Karaoke have found a Hartford home and will be kicking off their monthly gigs at Coach's. Yes, we will brave the douchestrict to watch friends and strangers live out their rock n' roll fantasies onstage, karaoke style, and maybe we will be so brave that we get onstage ourselves. Get there early to sign up!

Wry and The Sweet Ones @ Elm Bar

We have it on good authority that Elm Bar is the place to be some top-notch rock n' roll entertainment tomorrow, from CT-based Wry and Brooklyn (as in NY, not CT)-based The Sweet Ones. According to what we've heard from these bands so far, this seems to be the case, and you can't beat the $3 pricetag and now, thanks to us, new lower prices on the Guinness!


  1. I wish I could be at the Whitney House and Elm Bar at the same time!

  2. It's kind of amazing how, for now, Coach's seems to be a totally different universe from what's around the corner. We're getting a cool thing going, which will, hopefully, serve as pretty strong douche-repellent. By the way, if you are looking for cheap Guinness and don't mind a bit of a drive. Our gig on Thursdays in Milford has $1 Guinesses (and all other drafts) from 10-12.