Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brownbird back again

Saturday, April 23: Brownbird Rudy Relic @ Vegas Blvd., Hartford

Rudy Relic has a rabid little Hartford following and not for nothing. I caught his act (check the sexy FB gallery!) a few months back and was just floored by his antics - performing sans microphone or amplification, rolling around on the floor, jumping off the stage, inviting audience participation, and rocking his very slick signature skinny tie/wingtips look, as seen in this here music video:

You may have read about the Scenic charm of "Vague-ass Boulevard" here before... You won't want to miss this colliding of the spheres - hot, original talent, giant beers and obesifying treats! Last week all four Scenics were together in the same room, an unprecedented first, believe it or not. The lure of Rudy Relic should be sufficient to bring about a second such gathering. Consider it the All-Scenic seal of approval, a high standard from Hartford's second best local blogger(s). no? See you there? Stalk you later?

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