Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Haven Friday: Rock N' Roll and (partially) Naked Men

Friday, April 29: EULA Record Release party @ Cafe Nine, New Haven- with special guests MT Bearington and DJ Bootybeats

We were thoroughly impressed by EULA's noisy, pop-punky, female-fronted performance at last years SWAN Day CT, and have given them a little bloggie love around here, too. Theres something about their shouty, raw, dissonant sound that makes us nostalgic for all those Kill Rock Stars compilation records! Well, this Friday they will be celebrating the release of their own record, at New Haven's scenic venue of choice, Cafe Nine. MT Bearington will also perform, and as if that wasn't enough awesome for ya, they are also offering vegan treats and something called "mystery punch".

And while you're wasting gas to go have fun in New Haven, you might as well check out Men Incorporated, the all male revue we told you would be happening at Terminal 110.

(His name is Charles Steel)

We've never been to see male strippers before and the idea strikes us as more ridiculous than sexy (possibly a little gross?), but that's ok; we like all of those things. These dudes will be appearing at Up or On The Rocks next Friday, also.

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