Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watching TV: The Killing

Another great thing to do (when not being "scenic") is watch TV. Fitzscenic and I both share a deep and somewhat shameful affection for the original 90210, but I don't really want to talk about that, because CT Scenic is about our discerning taste and cultural elitism. I haven't being keeping up with pop culture that well lately, so I stumbled upon the premiere episode of The Killing on AMC by accident, and became immediately hooked. The plot is a murder mystery in which the murder of a teenage girl incriminates a surprising array of suspects, including her classmates, teachers, a politician, and maybe some organized crime, too? But that's not really what's so great about it, not for me anyway.

I was drawn in by the characters, particularly the two detectives, portrayed by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, whose charisma and emotional believability carry the show. You may recall the lead actress from HBO's (terrible) Big Love, where she portrayed twin sister polygamists. I was impressed with her performance there, in spite of that show's ridiculous plots and unlikable leads characters. She conveyed a real seriousness and vulnerability that her roles called for, and she's unconventionally hot (at least dressed down for these roles - truthfully, she's just straight-up gorgeous), which is some how even more appealing than the conventional kind. Her male partner is kind of a hottie as well (which I already thought before I read that the actor is Swedish!), and his character has all the best lines. He dresses like a bum and speaks in curses and slang ("douche"!) and routinely portrays a pothead looking to party in order to gain the trust of teenage suspects.

The sexy does not stop there. The sexiest male cylon (BSG, duh) Callum Keith Rennie plays a supporting role as detective lady's possibly sinister fiance. And True Blood's most funnest villain, maenad (and also BSG alum) Michelle Forbes, who inspired me to get these bangs that look so good on me, plays the grieving mother of the victim. So it's like a big TV reunion of actors I'd totally do. What a treat!

The Killing is on Sunday nights. It's available on demand with your fancy cable, so you can catch up. It's great. Watch it.

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