Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abby Dabby: we'd totally live there

When Jackie and I first started blogging, a lot of Scenic content hearkened back to our teenage years when we first met and started doing, well, the same exact stuff we do now, pretty much, only at the time it was normal adolescence, not arrested development... One of the more socially acceptable things we used to do was eat ice cream in West Hartford Center. Back in the day, Baskin Robbins was a frequent destination, for cool treats of course, but equally importantly for cool dudes. Our girlfriend group enjoyed a collective crush (before everyone went gay?) on the staff at said establishment, some of West Hartford's hottest long haired/band guys a couple years older (then-world of difference) than ourselves.

(Inside Abby Dabby looks just like an ice cream parlour)

Well, lately Jackie and I have been hitting the ice cream pretty hard, and we're pleased we don't have to go to swank, crowded, expensive-to-park-at West Hartford Center anymore to do it. In fact, we can get indie ice cream at totally unfashionable Bishops Corner at Abby Dabby. On a recent visit, the very friendly owner served us and pushed samples pretty enthusiastically, and we had a laugh remembering a story Baskin Robbins alum "Steve from the Skegs" used to tell us about some crazy lady who used to come in and ask for samples and expect to be spoon fed by the staff!

(Scenic pal and professional ice cream model Dayna
just bought sneakers the color of those sprinkles)

Abby Dabby features ice cream by Ashley's (maybe this Ashley's?) and New Hampshire's Walpole Creamery. We've been especially turned on by unexpected flavors like burnt brown sugar and ginger (with chunky bits of candied ginger). They keep giving us ice cream cards to punch and get a freebee and we keep losing them. Scenics don't really care for children, we believe they should be not seen and not heard, but we are glad to live in such a kid-filled community as can support a neighborhood ice cream joint like Abby Dabby.

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