Monday, April 25, 2011

Step up to the mic

Wednesday, April 27: Live band karaoke with Dean Falcone & Friends @ Cafe Nine, New Haven
Friday, April 29: "Halloween and a Half" live band dress-up karaoke with Bandwith Karaoke @ The Well, Cromwell

(Scenic pal Chris was not too shy to perform 
with Bandwith Karaoke on night in Plainville)

Although most of Team Scenic is usually too shy to actually perform at all these karaoke gigs we're always telling you are awesome, we support the notion that we are all starring in the movie of our own life and encourage center stage grabbing and scene stealing at every turn. Laura and Katie have checked out CT's two major live band karaoke gigs and thoroughly enjoyed the show, in spite of totally chickening out of actually trying it. 

We've written up Dean Falcone's take on live band karaoke before. We were impressed with the band's musicianship, and how helpful and supportive they were of less confident performers. Their song selection was mostly classic rock. This gig happens monthly or so.

Bandwith Karaoke has a lot of newer rock in their set - the alt radio rock of the 90s and early 00s, which really takes 3/4s of the Scenic's back, whether we like it or not. They also played some hard rock of the 80s (we were impressed by their rendition of "Dr. Feelgood" sung by a particularly talented participant). Bandwith Karaoke have been playing frequently, including weekly gigs at Black Bear in Milford. We understand they'd like a Hartford gig, if anyone powerful is reading this? We think it's cool that they are encouraging costumes at this week's Cromwell gig. Sometimes Scenics just wear costumes to karaoke anyway.

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