Friday, April 22, 2011

CT's Got Game

Sometimes going out and being scenic feels a little less appealing than enjoying the comforts of home, especially when it costs $50 to fill up your Hyundai (or whatever you roll around in). There are many ways to be entertained at home, and assuming you have some friends, a game night can be a great way to spend an evening in. Here are a few games that we like.

1. Pass the Pigs

This is a classic dice game, only instead of dice, you roll these cute little piggies. Depending on how they land, you will score different point values until you decide your turn is over, or you "pig out" (see above). Watch out for the dreaded "oinker"- pigs touching in any way means you go back to zero! That sucks!

2. The Game of Things

This is a game that allows you to be really creative, and if you are like us, display your poor taste and crude sense of humor. During each round, someone will pick a card and read the category to the other players, who write down their answers on little pieces of paper. Examples of the categories may be "Things you shouldn't play catch with", or "Things you shouldn't do while driving". When all the answers are passed in, they will be read aloud and each person will try to guess who said what. Hilarious, right?

3. Bottle Topps

This game invites you to "Stack 'em High and Stack 'em Wide", and by 'em they mean these wood chips... which by the way are made from real wood, as you may notice from the above picture (Parker Brothers included the seal of Real Wood in 5 out of 6 box panels, to make sure you understand). Not unlike Jenga, this is a game that requires manual dexterity and not fucking up by spilling all the pieces, so obviously the more you drink, the more exciting it becomes.

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