Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bandwith Karaoke: The hardest working live band karaoke in CT

 We quite enjoyed Dean Falcone & Friends' live band karaoke down in New Haven at Cafe Nine that one time, but we need it more than just once a month or so or whenever. So it's a good thing CT now has two gigging live karaoke bands since the recent debut of Bandwith Karaoke, who have been courting us pretty aggressively on Facebook, which means we may have to actually perform with them one of these days ("Paparazzi" of course). Unfortunately they've been mostly playing at faraway/difficult to stomach places like Black Bear (ugh) in Milford (double ugh) on Tuesday nights (*snore*). So we're pleased as punch to find out they have another regular gig a little closer to Scenicville, Wednesdays at The Firehouse in Plainville. Plainville? We've totally been there! (Katie Scenic used to take guitar lessons at the Macri School of Music. But she didn't take them very seriously.) And apparently we already have a Plainville tag. Something must have happened there before! This photo of Bandwith Karaoke makes them look all arty and mysterious, but we expect shit will look a lot sillier with you fronting the band.

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  1. We're not that mysterious. Just like to rock. And never felt like hiring a lead singer, so this live band karaoke thing makes the most sense. We do get a little silly from time to time.