Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We'll have what she's having!

Friday March, 11 - Wednesday, March 17: Orgasm, Inc. @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

This Friday we can all have an Orgasm (Inc.) at Real Art Ways, which is good news, because Real Art Ways is great - the best, no, really, love them - but we've been there so many times, lately it sometimes feels routine, perfunctory. And sometimes we have a headache. We've been waiting for just such a thing to bring that spark back to our relationship.

But seriously, this film looks educational, and it's going to be about female anatomy and sexuality and appears to feature middle aged women, and that always makes people uncomfortable! It's about attempts by the pharmaceutical industry to create "a Viagra for women" (we'd totally try it, but there's not much we wouldn't). So it's about the modern medicalization of every aspect of your being, and how there's nothing about you that a little chemical tweaking couldn't improve. But in a lighthearted way.

The film's director, Liz Canner, will be Skyping in after Saturday's show, and on opening night (Friday), they're promising free chocolate. You know, women and their chocolate.

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