Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bagpipe Dreams

Its that time again! You know, the time of year when non-Irish suburbanites put on their silliest green getups and come to vomit green beer all over our nice city, all in the name of... ? Just kidding, city dwellers and actual Irish Americans will also be there to honor their heritage by flashing in exchange for green beads on this special day: The St. Patrick's Day Parade. See you in the douchestrict!

Righteous indignations aside; parades can be fun. Here are a few that will be happening in our fine state.

Hartford: Saturday, March 12, starts at 11am
New Haven: Sunday, March 13, starts at 1pm
New London: Thursday, March 17, starts at 3pm
Mystic: Sunday, March 20, starts at 1pm
Greenwich: Sunday, March 20, starts at 2pm

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