Monday, March 21, 2011

Return of Treebeard

Friday, March 25: Treebeard & Keelraker @ Elm Bar, New Haven

In spite of our recent intense annoyance over $6 Guinness and other factors, we aren't gonna pretend like $3 isn't a reasonable cover charge and Treebeard isn't a totally awesome band that everyone should check out. Well, maybe not everyone. But if you like metal, or Clutch (i.e. stoner rock), totes go. We caught this new New Haven band a few weeks ago (er, yikes, months!), and we just may need to catch them again this week if we have even an ounce of energy on Friday. So good! We hope they'll play in a room more suited to playing and listening to live music some day, if anyone knows of one of those? Poor music scene... : (

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