Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lesbians and the Spin Cycle

Monday, March 28: Ladies Night at Spin; Spin Cycle Cafe in Newington

Its a shame we haven't yet checked out Spin Cycle Cafe, but with having laundry facilities in our own homes, and eating/boozing facilities in our own neighborhoods, we've honestly had little need for it. However, we can all appreciate the brilliance of putting a bar/cafe in a laundromat. And the only thing that could possibly top the idea of washing your socks while going on a date, is washing your socks while partying with lesbians!

This Monday will be the grand kick off party, and will continue as a weekly event. Handsome Dave of Koji gay fame is the person responsible for this awesome idea, and states that this will be the first weekly ladies night in an otherwise straight bar in Connecticut. Remarkably, this may also be the first weekly ladies night in a laundromat, anywhere.

The action starts at 9, and there is a $3.00 cover. We've been promised drink specials, live entertainment, and food.

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