Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy unbirthday Guerrilla Queer Bar

Thursday, March 24: Guerrilla Queer Bar v.9 @ TBA, Hartford-ish

Wow, this week marks 9 months of Guerrilla Queer Bar! That's long enough to make a baby, if you swing that way (Yuck!). Good thing at the very first Guerrilla Queer Bar those safe sex advocates who showed up gave out all those rainbow condoms, so there's no GQB baby boom to worry about!

Maybe you're new to the blog, or life, or alternative culture... Glad to have you! Guerrilla Queer Bar is a monthly GLBTA (the "A" is for allies or "Anyone but Assholes") gathering that descends upon a different bar each month, much to the inevitable delight of that unsuspecting bar. Location is announced the day of or day before-ish via the Facebook group, or here on the blog if we're feeling unusually diligent. It's hardly original, but it never gets old.

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