Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We'll pretend it's our birthday too!

Saturday, March 12: Kimono Draggin' & The Black Noise Scam @ Elm Bar, New Haven

It's a birthday show for musicians Joe and Jeff, but we can't think of a better gift than a show by our newest favorite CT band Kimono Draggin'! As you may recall, we totally loved them on a recent Scenic outing. And since then they've become really awesome Facebook friends (witty comments, tasty tunes, news we can actually use, etc.). You can be an ordinary citizen and love this band for their outlandishness at face value - funny voices, guitar heroics, Sesame Street references, etc. Or if you're some kind of huge nerd, you'll get all extra aroused by their ample musical prowess and the fact they they covered a Frank Zappa song, made a strange Clockwork Orange referencing video, and went to Europe to play at some Zappa fest! Here's some footage from the very gig where we fell for them:

We haven't had a chance to go gaga for The Black Noise Scam yet, but we thought Jeff and his wife were nice and adorable (and probably ought to avoid classic rock covers) at that live band karaoke gig we attended, so we're looking forward to checking him out in his proper element this weekend. We think they're punk, but have no damn patience for myspace pages.

Happy birthday fellas, and thanks for gifting us with your beautiful music!

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