Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cuvee: We totally want to live there

We recently mentioned our interest in checking out Cuvee's 50% off everything happy hour, after noticing a sign for it during a boozy Saturday night there. So, when a friend suggested a Tuesday happy hour meetup, we decided to take Cuvee for a spin and see if it was as awesome as we thought it would be.

It was.

Now, the drinks and food at Cuvee are definitely overpriced, but not outrageously so. When you consider the loungey, swanky atmosphere, plush couch seating, and the air of sexiness, their prices are about what you'd expect. Its certainly not the first time we've overpaid for food and drink simply because we like the place. But two hours of getting everything for half off makes it so much more fun and easy to sample items from the huge booze menu, and interesting small plates of food.

We decided to jump right in with some martinis made with low calorie vodka- pink lemonade for Jackie Scenic and straight up for Laura Fitz. Everyone knows that "low calorie" usually equals "fucking awful", but we actually couldn't taste any difference... probably because vodka doesn't taste very good to begin with.

We made our way around the menu, taking full advantage of that discount. A lot of the cocktails we tasted were on the sweet side, but we did really like the Glacial Pear. For food, we tried their tuna tartar, hummus, ricotta and fig jam crostini, and our friends went with some sushi. Everything was simple and tasty and we enjoyed it, but honestly, we might have been a little drunk. We didn't go for the Sexy Donuts this time around, but were excited to see a couple down the bar eating them.

Justin the bartender was friendly and attentive, and more importantly, extremely tolerant of our antics over the course of four hours. It was such a good time that we decided that we'd like to go there every day, and perhaps even move in. There are lots of comfy couches to sleep on and enough room for everybody. See you from 5-7pm!

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  1. Ooh boy! This sounds like such a good time, I'll definitely need to check it out!