Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wednesday, March 23: Sidewalk Dave @ The Half Door, Hartford

In recent months we've seen a bunch of Sidewalk Dave's pals and members playing with their also-awesome bands, but we haven't made it to an actual SD gig in some time. People are liable to think we're breaking up. But we're totally not. In fact, things are hotter than ever, especially with bass player Mike back in the band, making it a one-to-one boy-girl Sidewalk Dave to Scenics ratio, which would be like totally perfect if all the Lady Scenics were straight... So, OK, there was the requisite bit of "we're in love with Sidewalk Dave" for the post. But seriously, we are. They're so good. And just look at them! Whatever, who needs one-to-one? It's a Wednesday night gig, which means $2 Irish pints.  Even we can afford that, and envision a several-beers-to-Scenic ratio. Check out their latest Youtube action (thanks guys for the steady stream of fresh stuff to post!),  a slide show video which includes many topless pictures and some locales you may recognize.

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