Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Advocate reads CT Scenic so you don't have to (again)

You may remember when it happened with the donuts - a cover story by someone not named Katie Scenic?! And after all those indie donut reviews we did. Well, the tribute is flattering. But flattery won't pay for our $6 Guinnesses this Friday.

This week we're pleased to see our friends You Scream I Scream featured in Dan Barry's Ear Might column, or blog, or whatever they're calling it these days. But his angle on tolerable YSIS - drawing a contrast with intolerable indie rock duos Matt & Kim and Mates of State, and then making a comparison to also-tolerable White Stripes, sounds astonishingly familiar. We're aware that Dan is a reader, so now we know what  homage feels like. Dan also recently wrote an essay about how little money he makes as a freelance writer for the paper. But how much should one be paid for writing casual missives about local pop culture, really? We stopped pretending this was work ages ago, but would gladly take the $8,000 a year as a party budget (more great Scenic parties for you, that is) and keep our day jobs.

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  1. The Hartford Advocate, Hartford Courant, and local TV stations often steal stories from local bloggers who actually attend events. You don't expect them to actually do the work do you?