Friday, November 5, 2010

What Not To Hear: Matt & Kim

Friday, November 5: Matt & Kim @ Toad's Place, New Haven

(M & K)

An indie connoisseur recently put the question to me: Which couple/duo band is more insufferable - Mates of State or Matt & Kim. I picked Mates of State, since I've actually weathered their abusive live act and singled them out here before, but Matt & Kim were not familiar to me (my indie cred failure showing). Well, I've given them a listen, and true enough, I don't like them either. In fact, I really can't tolerate any of these smug-fuck happy couple musical acts and seriously, they can all just go get a room. And lock the god damn door. Maybe this is all about me and my inability to sustain relationships of ANY kind - other than imaginary polyamory with the other Scenics, of course - but I'm not giving them, or any of their precious twee self-congratulatory ilk a pass. Except the White Stripes, whose romantic aspect was so dead by the time they made it they presented themselves as brother and sister. Now that's endearing!

Seriously though, you'd want to punch either of these bands just looking at them, wouldn't you?


Here, watch Kim stroke her neck and bare her teeth adoringly while Matt babbles effeminately for four minutes about NOTHING:

See how a worthwhile artistic couple does it, Matt and Kim. Watch as Yoko also just kind of sits there, probably tearing up her cuticles, while John spouts off intellectually defending his (great) song title, "Woman is the Nigger of the World." Damn.

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