Monday, November 1, 2010

No Skipping!

It has come to our attention - repeatedly, regrettably - that many of our readers aren't really following the blog and don't check daily or read every post, in spite of our efforts to remind you via mirroring all of our blog activity on Facebook, not to mention making ourselves available to many of you for "friendship." In fact, it is often our closest friends and colleagues who fail as followers. Are they ashamed of us? Why?  Our amazing blog makes them feel inadequate about their successful careers and meaningful romantic relationships? This failure becomes clear when we have live-action conversations about the awesome things we've been up to, or when they FB comment on some fun photos we've just posted with sentiments like "Oh, I would have gone to that if I had known it was going on" or "I love that foreign band you saw live last night, loved them for years, hope they get another American tour some day in this difficult economy for musicians." Of course there would be no cause for such laments if they just glanced at the blog every day or subscribed to it or simply clicked through from our Facebook profile. 

just sayin'


  1. though reading blog erratically doesn't come with fear of pregnancy.

    but it can be compared to sex.

    so it's gotta be gay sex.

  2. And here I am thinking I'm going to get some good birth control advice. Jeez!

  3. As a direct result of this this post,I am now pregnant.

  4. I am pregnant too! And the baby has vowed to read your blog every day!