Monday, November 15, 2010

Cafe Nine: Hot Streak this Week

Wednesday, November 17: Live Band Karaoke
Thursday, November 18: Skeletonbreath
Friday, November 19: Burlesque-a-Pades Fall 2010 @ Cafe Nine

Cafe Nine is one of CT Scenic's frequently recommended venues, where we go for the great bands and unconventional meat market, and stay for the cramped space, filthy bathrooms and middle-shelf booze selection. This week we're really wishing "they" would get to work and fix those fucking  HoFo-NewHa wormholes so that we could make it down and back nightly without all the gas consumption, drunk driving, sleep loss and working hangovers the proper execution of this feat might otherwise entail. Oh well.

Wednesday night Cafe Nine and Dean Falcone present LIVE BAND KARAOKE. How awesome is that? The Scenics love karaoke and aspire to superstardom. We have to try this!

Several months ago on one of our more ambitious outings, the Scenics enjoyed Skeletonbreath at Rudy's. This instrumental gypsy spaz punk outfit wowed us with their intensity, musicianship and shirtless sweaty drummer. We'd definitely see them again. Here's a vid from a previous Cafe Nine outing by the band:

Although that burlesque documentary we checked out a few weeks ago was kind of bust, it hasn't diminished our enthusiasm for LIVE BURLESQUE (or actual busts). Friday night at Cafe Nine it's going to be some kind of burlesque extravaganza featuring a bevy of performers and live music by The Clams. Last time we went to Cafe Nine we met one of the performers, Dot Mitzvah, who was awesome and sisterly enough to try and bail Katie Scenic out of a conversation with a predatory drunk. Dot's website tells us that she is a triple threat - burlesque performer, opera singer and acrobat. Holy crap! And she's told us that in her performance she likes to draw upon the root meaning of burlesque, which should be a parody or a joke at heart - the SEXXXY is a bonus! We're basically smitten and would love to see Dot and all the other ladies Friday.

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