Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crawling back to the Liquid Lounge

Thursday, November 11: Liquid Lounge @ The CT Science Center, Hartford

(K & J driving recklessly at the last Liquid Lounge)

In a previous post we compared our keep-crawling-back-again relationship with the Science Center's Liquid Lounge party to those emotionally abusive "romantic" trysts we can't seem to get enough of IRL... And because this party is slightly more expensive for drinking, parking and admission and slightly (or, more accurately, entirely) less free munchy providing than some other parties we regularly attend, we'll continue to piss and whine about them (at least until they start providing us free or discounted press access to everything). But Liquid Lounge's popularity, flashy digs and geographic desirability overcome our reservations every time. We're that easy. See you there?

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