Saturday, November 27, 2010

Midweek Music: Wrist-slittingly good!

Wednesday, December 1: Vandaveer, Baby G @ Cafe Nine, New Haven

This show is a must-see for me. I caught New Haven's Baby G, or Leila Crockett, in her solo incarnation a few years back at an open mic and have been wanting more of her antique blues and devastating originals ever since. I hadn't heard of acclaimed national act Vandaveer until my research a couple of minutes ago, but I'm just as excited about him/them now and looking forward to an evening of low-key music and brutal lyrics to send me home deliciously sad. I'll shut up now and let the songs speak for themselves:

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  1. I appreciate your comments as true as they are... I would sing to you if I only knew who you really were... Thanks and see you soon!