Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creative Cocktail Hour Week Again

Thursday, November 18: Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

 (it's a party)

Our friends and regulars already know that third Thursday means Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways, but we are meeting new people all the time who actually don't already attend this event religiously. Sometimes we meet folks that don't even go to Real Art Ways, ever! Like the squares we work with. Or people who don't live in Greater Hartford. So this post's for them.
So even if you're intimidated by concepts like "independent film" and "art galleries," we know you can all get behind a packed party with live bands, fancy booze and munchies, right? And that's what the Creative Cocktail Hour is. You don't even have to look at the art (but you can). 

For the Scenics, this party is our monthly opportunity to show off our fashionable clothes, push our blog, and take adorable pictures of all of you. See you there?

In other Real Art Ways news, we see that this Saturday evening they will be hosting a discussion about the concept of "Alternativity," which will feature "a range of writers, thinkers and doers." Not sure why the Scenics haven't been invited to this panel. Maybe if we cry about it on the internet...

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  1. Guys. If you want to get on that panel, you'll need more drastic tactics. Like so: