Friday, November 12, 2010

Break for Kids

Saturday, November 13: Kids of CT Breakdance Tournament @ Hartford City Ballet, Hartford

Hey, just because the Scenics don't want any spawn of their own (aspiring partners take note) doesn't mean we can't appreciate the adorableness of other peoples' spawn twirling around on their heads and shit. Our friend Johnny B is doing it again, putting on a break dance tourney for kids. John and his grownup breakin' friends have been one of the highlights of a lot of events we've made it out to recently - creative cocktail hours and more. If there's a floor and a DJ, they'll just show up and throw down, and watching them is really great for folks like us who would need a pretty solid foundation of drugs (haha, just kidding) to work up the nerve to dance ourselves. It's five dollars to watch or participate in this event, with the winner taking home money. So get your talented kiddos out and introduce them to the concept of your 12% agent fee.

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