Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some Sunday Options

Sunday, November 7: 

Lesbian Night! @ Tisane, Hartford
Drag show @ Up or on the Rocks, Hartford
Robin Banks Variety Show @ York Street Cafe, New Haven

We've mentioned all these events before, but our service to you is to keep reminding you of great things to do around Hartford and the wider CT world. There's probably a ton of open mics of variable quality going on at bars throughout the state, but that doesn't really interest us. Our top picks for this Sunday are all queer to some degree, so apologies to our many homophobic Nazi meathead friends and readers... including the once monthly estro-fest at Tisane (first Sunday of the month, bitches) and the weekly drag competition at Up Or On The Rocks. And for our New Haven base, we recommend the Robin Banks Variety Show at the York Street Cafe, which is not a "gay night" per se but is definitely hosted by a dude in a dress and outrageous makeup - and is sure to be our newest favorite thing as soon as we manage to make it down. Maybe some New Haven hotties can let us "crash" sometime for an after-party, because driving home is hard! By the by, we can find no evidence of these events on the venues' sites, which is distressing, but our independent research confirms that they are happening. Good thing we're doing our job!

Do we have readers in towns in CT besides Hartford and New Haven? Wait, what other towns? Tell us about your favorite Sunday night activities that aren't horrible open mic nights or just plain "drinking." Or "watching HBO." We already know about that.

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