Saturday, July 24, 2010

Under the Vagina Tea Leaf: CT explained at Tisane

This afternoon a little coffee meetup at Tisane between Katie and Laura "SuperLula" turned into a full-on Scenic outing when Jackie Scenic and some DC friends and Librarian Mike were all looking for someplace to lunch at the same time. We love Tisane for their kid-friendly martini menu, but we often overlook them as a pretty awesome dining establishment. We ordered up some of their Asian-esque offerings, including soba noodles with tofu, a tofu appetizer and the salmon burger with sesame noodles. Anything we can eat with chopsticks is generally fine. Tisane is definitely one of our top fake ethnic establishments!

Jackie's DC friends had lots of questions about Connecticut. We told them about our "blue laws" and how bars close relatively early relative to some other parts of the country (but, seriously, who can actually afford to keep drinking in NYC til last call, eh?). They wanted to know if the early closing fosters much of an after-party scene. We explained that it's really more of a 'get too drunk to drive and crash at your friend's place for an awkward sexual encounter' after hours scene.

Librarian Mike tried to show them where we are relative to other places they've heard of, like Boston, and drew this map on a napkin. We overheard him explaining about Route 84 and drawing in "that state that's below Connecticut."

Excuse me? Well, damn it people, he's a librarian, not a geographer. But we haven't heard about that state "below" CT and what the fuck happened to Cape Cod and Rhode Island, and why is CT's penis on the wrong side. We drew them a better map.


  1. ummm, New York's penis is better than I remember it!

  2. That state below Connecticut is Long Island, of course!