Monday, July 19, 2010

Breakfast at Dom's

Much to our chagrin, we must admit to having dropped the ball a bit in terms of our exploration of Windsor, CT, as our staycation there included excursions into Hartford for Monday Night Jazz (and more) and the monthly Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways, and we've been busy busy busy planning CT Scenic's First Blogaversary Party (see you there!).

Knowing that nothing takes care of a hangover like greasy American food, Sunday morning we breakfasted at Dom's Broad Street Eatery. Inside Dom's felt like a blast from the past with a casual, generic "family restaurant" quality. The joint was busy and bustling with activity. Patrons were mostly senior citizens and couples with screaming kids. Our kind of place.

We briefly considered the signature breakfast special, which includes 2 pieces of french toast or pancakes, 2 eggs, choice of meat, potatoes, coffee and toast (and possibly even more crap), which sounded like an amazing deal for $8. But then we recognized that that is actually kind of obscene, and no one really needs to eat all that at once, but maybe next time?

Katie got a luxury omelet, splurging for four items - tomato, spinach, cheddar and sauteed onions, which came with toast and potatoes. Jackie got a breakfast sandwich and side order of potatoes. Jackie made the clean plate club, while Katie made the nearly-clean plate club.

Compared to other breakfast places we frequent, Dom's was decent enough, but not anything special - the potatoes were better than those stupid mammoth homefries they serve at everybody's favorite Hartford joint, Mo's, but the omelet didn't really do anything special - we recommend Mo's for their giant portions and interesting filling, or the Harvest Cafe in Simsbury for their fluffy texture and more sophisticated menu. We know of a lot of upscale restaurants that do Sunday brunch, but our repertoire of actual and affordable breakfast specialists is rather limited, so all in all we are pleased enough to make Dom's acquaintance.

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