Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packies we like: Liquor Depot

It started as an innocent Scenic outing. As we buzzed by this emporium of delights on Rt 44, we realized it may indeed be a point of interest to some of our readership. A U-turn was made.

Liquor Depot first came to my attention through a friend who is much more into wine than I. Bottom line, this place has got wines on special like you wouldn't believe. Not just cheap Chilean or California stuff, but everything. For those who have no idea how to choose a wine, there are plenty of fun labels to base a decision off of. We noted that one could do an animal theme wine tasting, we saw Penguins, Kangaroos, Cats, Dogs. There was also one with a huge Cock.
(That's a 47 pound rooster on a 1.5 liter bottle)
We also noticed that this raging bitch...
was hanging out with this arrogant bastard.
Unlike real life, when one of these headaches always seems to be attached to that intriguing someone. Speaking of intriguing someones, here is an IPA tribute to Lenny Bruce at a whopping 20 proof:
(get it, RIPA)
And Thelonious Monk:
Katie Scenic was excited by the extensive Mead collection.
You will notice all the way on the left is the usually unavailable "Viking Blood".

Another tribute caught my eye, to Hunter S Thompson, who could be considered a patron saint to bloggers everywhere. It's quite an enjoyable drink for those who enjoy the gonzo experience.


  1. I like how the 47 pound cock was included in this post. My friends and I drink it often, and the jokes never seem to get old.

  2. I got in mild trouble when I was in London and offered to run out to the "packie" for some booze. My "flatmates" were all like, "What, you got something against Pakistanis?" They thought I was saying "Paki," which is a lot like saying "Jap" in America. Dude, no one outside of CT knows what a "packie" is.

  3. P.S. Viking Blod is mind blowing. Also, totally metal. It pairs well with a rare hamburger and Bloodbath's "Resurrection Through Carnage" album.

  4. "Packie" is also used in RI and MA. It's less regional than the former's "coffee cabinet" that is a beverage as opposed to a place to put one.
    Also, if you are on the hunt for Viking Blood then just drop me a line. There's a place about 10 miles up Route 9 from the Palladium that regularly has 3 varities of it. They actually recently expanded their mead section to include products from 7+ meaderies many of whom are represented by a pretty complete lineup.