Monday, July 5, 2010

Come on feel the Lemonheads

Thursday, July 8: The Lemonheads @ Daniel Street, Milford

90s almost-icon Evan Dando brings his mellow alternative rock to CT this week. We remember his band, The Lemonheads, best for their jaunty cover of "Mrs. Robinson":

We've mentioned our general distaste for Simon and Garfunkel before, but this tune gets a pass on account of the sexy old broad getting it on with a youngling theme of The Graduate. In a few years, some of us are gonna be that broad.

Hey, here's another great 90s video that references The Graduate via sample. Enjoy!

We also remember the Lemonheads 1993 hit "Into Your Arms," which was big on TV and the radio:

The Lemonheads' music has always felt fairly innocuous to us, but apparently Dando is like this big once-crack-smoking pain in the ass who can't hold a line-up together, probably on account of his personality disorder. His wikipedia page has some hilariously worded speculation about the bandname being a reference to the candy, which is famously "sweet on the outside and sour on the inside." Sounds like our kind of guy!


  1. counting the days until i'm that broad....

  2. I am that broad. And, to make this comment totally creepy and slightly uncool, my fave Evan Dando moment is the "My Hero, Zero" cover in 1994.