Monday, July 5, 2010

To Do: The Garlic Farm

Add this to our neverending list of things we'd like to check out: The Garlic Farm of West Granby, CT. The Garlic Farm's seasonally open farmstand is in business, selling homegrown, organic, pesticide-free garlic, tomatoes, a variety of peppers, onions, shallots, pumpkins, squash, herbs and flowers. One of their selling points is "garlic scapes." We had to look that one up - it's basically a young garlic shoot that resembles a scallion - here's some garlic scape information and ideas from WaPo food blogger Kim O'Donnel.

Here at CT Scenic we all pretty much love garlic. We savor the flavor, enjoy taunting you with our horrid breath, and buy into the notion of garlic as a panacea - part of our attempts to naturally cure and deter colds or the flu. It's also supposed to be a natural bug repellent - we've known some horsey people who supplement their horses' diets with garlic for this purpose. Don't try this with your dogs and cats though - garlic and onions can be toxic to them. Quit burdening your pets with all your dietary hangups already.

We find ourselves with a bit of a conflict of interest, the Scenics love of garlic must be balanced with our passion for vampires. Thus it is necessary to plan our schedule of fangbanging and garlic binges accordingly.

For great garlic in CT, we enjoy Max a Mia, where dinner is preceded by their flatbread served with exquisite roasted garlic in it's husk that spreads right on soft. Their tasty Tuscan salad also features a generous portion of hunks of garlic For craploads of garlic on pizza, we've enjoyed Litchfield's outstanding Bohemian Pizza (as previously noted on the blog) and J&G's in East Granby, where we're told the broccoli and garlic pasta does garlic to the extreme too.

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  1. Heehe... I totally want to try garlic scapes, having heard of them but never encountered them. Same deal with fangbanging; i just spent money i do not have on Eric's necklace from True Blood, which will officially make me the most emo 35-year-old on earth when worn in tandem with my Clandestine Industries heartbat.

    Have you guys ever wrapped a bulb of garlic in foil and let it go on a grill for about 40 mins? Squeeze it on corn on the cob in lieu of butter; put it on burgers. Eat it straight. It is DIVINE.