Monday, July 19, 2010

Guerrilla Queer Bar: CT Edition

Wait for it...

This Thursday, the G, L, B, T and Qs of CT will descend upon an unexpecting bar in the Hartford area. This is done in many other cities, and according to Facebook, there was a short-lived New Haven chapter sometime last year. Let's give it another go!

The goal of GQB is many-faceted:

*In it's most radical sense, GQB is a way to bring attention to the queer community by taking a "straight" bar by storm. I personally have not experienced too much homophobia in this area, but occasionally I do get a reminder that the douchebags are still out there. Let's find these douchebags, and make out in front of them.

*One reason I may be oblivious to homophobia, is because I tend to only go places where I feel comfortable. Let's expand our scene by going to the places we usually avoid, and mingling with people we might not talk to otherwise. Maybe we can all make some new friends. (Or just make fun of douchebags?)

*GQB is also just a new way to meet fellow queers. With only a few gay bars and monthly parties in the area, some of us may be bored, or even feel left out by the available options. GQB is for everyone!

*Finding new things to do in CT! Any place is fun as long as your friends are there, and maybe we can even find some new fun spots. (eg. a bar with a mechanical bull?)

So, whatever your deal is, come out this Thursday and have a drink with us. Traditionally, the location is announced the morning of the event. Since we will be covering this whole scenic state, the city will be announced in advance, and the exact venue will be announced the day before. Info can be found here on CT Scenic, or on the CTGQB FB page. Hope to see you there, and don't forget to spread the word!

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