Thursday, July 8, 2010

SuperLula Special

"They" say there's nothing quite as special as a handmade gift, and I say if you can't "eat it or wear it" it's not worth giving. Well, I can't actually eat this wonderful little trinket that CT Scenic subject-turned-real-life-friend Laura "SuperLula" gave me for my birthday (yesterday, btw), but I can wear it, it's special and handmade, AND food-themed, with references to my real and blog life relationships to pizza and - OMG is that a donut cake on the box? So it's basically the best gift ever, and a great opportunity for me to give a plug to a great local talent (and my own advancing age).

SuperLula's got more foodie jewelry where that came from, and you can find some healthier, vegan-themed selections at one of the Scenics' favorite restaurants, It's Only Natural. Follow all her bloggy exploits, and get yourself cute bling. And look for both of us at karaoke nights around Hartford. We'll be the ones getting molested by sloppy drunk faux-lesbian-Katy-Perry-I-Kissed-a-Girl style straight girls, on stage and off.

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