Monday, July 26, 2010

Tisane's Milkshake brings all the bloggers to the...

It's Tisane week here on the blog (and in my life). I can't really stay away though. If it isn't Asian-esque lunch and geography, it's a coffee on the way to work, or a drink on the way home. Today was weird. I woke up early and the room was spinning. Totally alcohol unrelated, by the way. The feeling took pretty much all day to pass - which involved lots and lots of napping and not going to work. So when I briefly ventured out to promote the Blogaversary Party this evening, I was not looking to drink, lest I set my equilibrium off kilter again. I thought I'd like a nice milkshake instead, but I didn't see any on the menu. I commented to a friend, "Man, I really feel like a milkshake, I can't believe there's no milkshakes on the menu..."

I dint even know this handsome fellow at the same table was actually the general manager! Well, he's a guy who aims to please, and he was all "Fix this lady a milkshake immediately!" I don't know exactly what they whipped up for me, but I think it may have had some actual coffee in it and it was totally delicious and made me feel ok about how fat I'm getting. And General Manager Guy was like "Any time we don't have what you want, ask, we can probably put something together." And I was all "Thanks! I'm so gonna blog about this!"

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