Thursday, July 1, 2010

NYC: The Wins and Fails of Pride 2010

FAIL: Ordering gin and tonics as "Tanqueray and Tonics".

The bartender heard "Tequila and tonics."

Jesse Jonas drank both. J-Scene got a beer. Hello Brooklyn!

WIN: Jackie Scenic FINALLY figures out how to navigate the subway system.

Got home from Brooklyn without a $40 cab.

Took funny pictures of sleeping people. We'd like to show you those pictures, but there was yet another technology fail. Here's this guy to quell your curiosity:

WIN: 99-cent pizza at 3AM.

Couldn't find this place again if we tried.

It's been a looong night!

WIN: Finally having a reason to quote Ludacris.

"Comin' down the street like a parade... Macy's!"

FAIL: Impulse buying.

Something called a "Pizzacone".

Worst idea ever.

WIN: Listening to the crowd squeal with delight as some TV bitch rides by.

We don't even know who this chick is, but we're pretty excited!

Apparently she was on "Real Housewives of NYC" and now she has like 20 other shows.

FAIL: This green juice.

It was like finding as oasis in the desert after 48-hours of booze and various shapes of pizza.

Or a mirage. Totes gross. Next time I need juice, I'll be going to Katie Scenic's house!

WIN: Jumping in the Washington Square Park fountain in the 95-degree hea

Gays love a good fountain.

WIN: Getting invited to the "Rodeo Disco".

Two words: Mechanical. Bull.

WIN: Drunkenly writing a Craigslist missed connection and finding it mentioned in the writeup.

See you next year, NYC!

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  1. Omg Jesse Jonas you are soooooo cute. Jackie scenic I wanna pound.your.Glasses. NYC style...