Saturday, July 10, 2010

Indie Donut Week Continues: Windsor Donut & Deli

We don't know about the rest of you, but Katie and Jackie Scenic are summering"in Windsor, CT and we're just kvelling over the town's bounty of charm. We've really only scratched the surface, but we're excited about spending some time exploring CT's "oldest town" (apparently there's a bit of a feud with Wethersfield on this point). And by exploring, we basically mean "eating our way around."

Since we had donuts on the brain already this week (and by "on the brain" we mean "in the stomach"), we kicked things off with a visit to Windsor Donut & Deli on Broad Street in Windsor Center. This shop is supposedly the sister shop to the Sugar Shack, which we've already blogged up most enthusiastically, so we had a good idea of what we were getting into. So we were most disappointed that the shop was sold out of the apple & spice donuts we loved so much - guess this means we aren't the only ones! We did try an apple stick, and elongated version of the same formula, but it wasn't quite the same, since the stick format doesn't allow for an obscene helping of pie-like filling the way a donut does. We also tried a chocolate honey dipped and a sour cream.

The D & D has cute donut and Windsor historic themed murals on the windows ,and inside has an old-time diner feel with a counter and a few booths. We had a little trouble with the napkin dispenser at the table.

Jackie enjoyed the local news (haven't you heard - we're bringing back print):

The Windsor shop has the same great prices as the Sugar Shack. There were big bags of what we assume were assorted day-olds available for $2 apiece. We were so thrilled with the "dollars-to-donuts" conversion rate, not to mention duty-bound to our readers to experience as many donuts as possible, that we took a few more for the road - raspberry and lemon jellies. After an exhausting afternoon of lounging in the swimming pool, we were hungry enough to sample them. They were awesome and generously jellied, as expected. We'll be back soon, looking for those elusive apple & spices. And we're already planning our next Windsor mission, to Nat Hayden's Real Pit Barbecue, which taunted us on the street with an aromatic assault. Truly, we suffer for our blog.

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