Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Neil's: Wallingford's Indie Donuts

First I must say that going on a blog outing alone felt a little sad and empty, but since Jackie and DH don't have to go to an internship in Wallingford a few days a week, there was no reason for them to come along to Neil's Donut's and Bakeshop. But I felt duty bound to check out these donuts for you. "People" keep saying the blog is great (thanks!), so when I don't get up to anything Scenic for a few days, I start to feel a guilt that can only be assuaged by consuming independent fried cake and writing about it.

Jackie and I have blogged about donuts before, after a most impressive visit to the Sugar Shack in Manchester. The Sugar Shack may have set the indie donuts bar a little too high; perhaps Neil's was cursed to pale in comparison. I bought an iced coffee and a jelly donut today, which were fine - tasty, fresh, price-comparable to or cheaper than Dunkin, and certainly head and shoulders above corporate donuts of any stripe in texture and quality - but nothing to "write home about" so to speak. Neil's also has an attractive assortment of other baked goods, especially cookies. The frosting filled "cookie-wiches" looked very tempting. So if you are local to Neil's and needing a coffee or donut (or special occasion cookies, pies, cakes, etc.), it's definitely worth driving those few blocks past the DD down the street to support a local business and a superior snacking experience.

Located on Rt. 150, Neil's is open early (6 a.m.), so you could hit them on a morning commute, but closes by 3 p.m. weekdays and earlier on the weekends.

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