Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indie Donuts: The Sugar Shack

Team Scenic spent most of Tuesday having a mini-staycation in Central CT. In the afternoon, ostensibly en route to video camera shopping (never happened) we stopped by the fabled Sugar Shack for some non-Dunkin donuts (or dognuts as we sometimes hilariously call them). Jackie Scenic had sampled these delights before, whilst volunteering for the Silk City Film Fest and was impressed. We have both oft lamented the lack of "indie" coffee and donuts in some towns, and it is only with a sense of utter self-loathing that we find ourselves soliciting Dunkin Donuts in the absence of any alternative.

So it is that we have a little twinge of mini-scenic envy for Manchester - not that we really want to live there or anything, but the Sugar Shack is pretty special. The donuts there are fresh and oversized, and come in such delightful flavors as apple & spice, coconut, maple frosted, chocolate chip and basics like glazed and chocolate glazed. We opted for iced coffees and an apple & spice and a coconut, which totaled $6 and change, if you're comparison shopping.

The coconut was fine - cakey and generously covered in "long grain" coconut (versus the DD stuff). It was a little dry though, not our new favorite thing. The apple & spice donut was obscenely good, with a very moist dough texture and filled (also generously) with an apple-pie like mess.

It was so good we had to take a few to go, which were a dollar a piece, which is the later in the day price apparently. The girl working the counter explained that the donuts go for a dollar apiece and $2 a bag at the end of the day, which seems more than fair! Leftovers go to charity, which is very thoughtful. We reflected on the concept of actually converting our "dollars to donuts," laughed exhaustively at our own joke, and concluded that while we may not be rich (or even not-very-rich, or even financially sound, tbh), we can be rich in donuts.
Sugar Shack is located at 150 Center Street, Manchester.


  1. Looks divine! I detest Dunkin Donuts and had contemplated swearing off donuts completely due to this problem of finding edible donuts. Very psyched about this discovery. Thanks Ladies!

  2. I hate you so much. And by hate, I of course mean *envy liek whoa*.