Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And now for something completely different: Stratospheerius, et. al.

Thursday, May 20: Stratospheerius, Superfrog @ Sully's Pub

You may be in the habit of avoiding Sully's on Thursday nights, due to the reign of douchey white guys with revolting dreadlocks playing "reggae" music (possibly our least favorite genre, sorry), but this week's bands are something else.

Stratospheerius may have a terrible name, which is also a total tease, because it makes us think we're going to see terrific Finnish power metallers Stratovarius, and of course we're not - we're gonna see some hyperactive music nerds play some violin-fueled spastic jazzy jam. Full disclosure: We like their publicist and hope she'll set us up with some great free shit one day. Also, we're just so happy to see an interesting, original, nationally - even internationally - touring band booked at our local joint (more of this please).

Superfrog appeal to us less, as they appear to be a bit more straight forward of a "jam" band without the interesting twist of prominent violin and whatnot. But hey, we understand some people are into that and maybe they'll thanks us, we'd just rather not have to watch them dance.

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  1. Oh, I missed the scenic snark. This piece warms my heart!