Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sexy Cancer Party

Saturday, May 15: SkinFest @ Sully's Pub, Hartford
This Saturday you can party all day and night at Sully's Pub, where our friends the Libertine Collective are presenting SkinFest, which is a benefit for something called the World Skin Project, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about and preventing skin cancer. Cancer! That's serious business!

But we can have fun with it. SkinFest will include performances by area musicians we totally know: Bipolar Jukebox, The Kelvins, Matt Zeiner and Bret the One Man Band. We've said hilarious things about most of these guys in the past here on the blog. Let's laugh at all our old zingers again. We called Zeiner and Bipolar's Andre "handsome, talented, prematurely old sounding keyboard frontmen." We called the Kelvins "stylish cockrockers." Jeez, looks like we forgot to bag on Bret when we mentioned him (unless you think mentioning hipsters in the same breath is an automatic dis). Let's just say he's Dashboard Confessional-esque, and not only because he's from WeHa. LOL, one of these days our words are gonna get us in trouble - the day people start reading our freakin' blog!

SkinFest is also gonna feature Naked People getting painted, by area artists such as Libertine-in-chief H.L. Groen. We hope the paint will be packing a hefty SPF. SKIN CANCER PEOPLE!!!

We also hope that "raffles and surprises galore" include some free biopsies, so we can find out what the hell these moles are already.

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