Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday Night Live: Punks & Pianos

Saturday, Dec. 12: Steven Deal @ ArtSpace, New Haven

Steven Deal pays power pop or pop punk, or something that starts with a "P" and engages a minimal number of chords per song. He played in some CT bands, Bleached Black and Chopper, that are a little before our time, but we'll take his word for their almost-famousness. He's back after a long hiatus from performing with a new solo record to promote. We're not convinced that "artists" are any more entitled to civilized affordable housing than other underemployed people, so the least you can do is take advantage of these ArtSpace gigs when they happen and go puke on their steps or something.

Saturday, Dec. 12: Matt Zeiner Band, Bipolar Jukebox @ Sully's Pub, Hartford

Or if, like us, you don't live near New Haven, head over to Sully's for a night of rock featuring handsome, talented, prematurely old sounding keyboard frontmen Matt Zeiner and Andre Balazszs. Matt Zeiner has rather famously performed and recorded with Dickey Betts. His solo gigs tend to be few and far between, which keeps it precious, so we're sure it will be a major scene.

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